A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Specs

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When done right, running paid search campaigns on Facebook can yield great results, whether you’re looking to increase leads, boost page likes, or some other type of conversion. However, one of the ongoing challenges is keeping track of all the current ad specifications and rules you must follow to run a campaign. Fortunately we’ve found 2 resources to help make the process easier.

First, the folks over at Salesforce.com have compiled this brilliant infographic and slide deck that shows all the different Facebook ad specs. (Source: Salesforce Blog) It contains all you need to know about the different ad formats on Facebook:

Next up, this online tool create by socialcontests.com gives you an easy way to audit your ad’s text content to ensure it passes Facebook’s “no more than 20% text” rule.

facebook ad checker

If your ad image has more than 20% text, Facebook will reject it.

Getting your ad’s image rejected by Facebook is an unnecessary waste of time. Use this tool to ensure your ad is approved the first time, every time.