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  • Richard Camp President
    Richard Camp President
    About Richard

    Richard is the founder of Camp Creative. He is the proud father of three daughters and two stepsons. He is a lifelong practitioner of filmmaking and photography. He enjoys reading a good business story in the HBR, savoring Sonoma zins or a Bend IPA, and sharing his mutual love of cooking with his beautiful wife. One of their favorites is pan roasted chicken with roasted fingerling potatoes. Recipe ideas are always welcome!

  • Steve Bredt Chief Operating Officer
    Steve Bredt Chief Operating Officer
    About Steve
  • Paula Stone Business Manager
    Paula Stone Business Manager
    About Paula

    Paula is one of those people who organizes spices in alphabetical order and cannot rest until everything is in the right place. Her former role as director of corporate events for the Associated Press honed her organizational and workflow skills that benefit our agency today. Baking is her stress relief therapy and there is no place she would rather be than in the kitchen, cooking with her talented husband and preparing gourmet meals for their blended family of two boys and three girls.

  • Antonio DeAlmeida DevOps Manager
    Antonio DeAlmeida DevOps Manager
    About Antonio

    Antonio is a young and passionate musician, developer, friend, and an aspiring game developer. He loves arts and culture and is very enthusiastic about excellence. He codes, writes, speaks, empowers, promotes, learns and listens – although usually not in that order. He’s generally accompanied by his trusty companion, Kittycat. Her name was not chosen for her but inherited by circumstances surrounding her rescue.

  • Andrew Davis Creative Director
    Andrew Davis Creative Director
    About Andrew
  • Dan Ogawa Sr. Producer
    Dan Ogawa Sr. Producer
    About Dan

    At his core, Dan is a storyteller. He spent the better part of a decade in network news, more than a decade in the PBS system, and let’s just say he’s also earned his battle stripes in the corporate and commercial world. The only thing he loves more than hearing a good story is telling a good story. Occasionally, he takes a break from storytelling, though. You can then find him seeding the rough with errant tee shots and knocking the yellow off of tennis balls.

  • Bruce Tallerman Creative Director / Sr. Copywriter
    Bruce Tallerman Creative Director / Sr. Copywriter
    About Bruce

    Bruce did not grow up wanting to be a creative director, but in hindsight it all makes sense given his highly irregular path. He studied music and later performed original songs in Greenwich Village dives, was a staff writer on an unmentionable TV show, and his short stories (which he continues to write) appear in literary magazines you’ve probably never heard of. In fact, writing fiction has honed Bruce’s appreciation for story, theme, and character, which (not coincidentally) figure into the “creative narrative” of any effective marketing. Away from work, Bruce can be found cycling along the Bay Trail, watching his two sons play baseball, and sitting at a favorite café fueling his existential angst with a double macchiato.

  • Jordan Camp Art Director
    Jordan Camp Art Director
    About Jordan

    Jordan looks at most things in life through a designer’s lens. He often buys beer based on how much he likes the label. It only seems appropriate that he ended up designing and animating for Camp Creative. Jordan has a background in multimedia and enjoys exploring multiple creative directions before finding the best solution. When the weather outside is frightful, blockading his golf game, Jordan reverts to sipping tea out of his favorite pantone mug while watching Game of Thrones.

  • Carolina Escobar UX/UI Designer
    Carolina Escobar UX/UI Designer
    About Carolina

    Carolina is passionate about strategizing and designing products that meet users’ needs and clients’ business goals. A multidisciplinary educational background and professional experience in graphic/web design, business administration and user experience design (UX design) empowers her to design successful products that provide simple and intuitive experiences that are enjoyed by users.

  • Susan Brown Comptroller
    Susan Brown Comptroller
    About Susan

    Susan is a study in contrasts. She grew up in Pennsylvania but the lure of San Francisco proved too strong. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philly but she realized that she was also attracted to working the business side of her brain. So, Susan started her own financial management company for non-profits and small businesses. Susan was able to marry the artistic and financial worlds when she began managing Camp Creative’s business in 2001. Susan has been known to sing a little country and bluegrass from time to time, has a passion for history and antiques and occasionally helps her husband, a maritime antique dealer. Susan also has two lovely daughters.

  • Atima Ongart Graphic Designer
    Atima Ongart Graphic Designer
    About Atima