The only real strategy is a holistic strategy.
-Richard L. Camp

A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

The Right Message, Delivered The Right Way, At The Right Time.

We’ve already shared that in today’s digital world, content is everything, and everything is content. And that it is important how brands choose to connect with their customers. So, that leaves the third and equally important pillar: Knowing when people are open to having a conversation.

For example, trying to reach a stay-at-home mom by email on her mobile device at 3 pm on a weekday is probably not a good idea – there’s a good chance she’s busy picking up the kids from school. No matter how relevant or meaningful the message, at best, it’s effort (and money) wasted. At worst, it illustrates to that mom that the brand doesn’t understand her or respect her time.

That’s why it’s so important to have a Holistic Digital Marketing strategy.

Without the right content, there is no interest. Without the right delivery mechanism, there is no connection. And without the right timing, there’s no way to start a meaningful conversation.

Simply put, Holistic Digital Marketing is about creating relevant and meaningful connections between brands and people. There are three important parts to creating content that will engage customers and, in turn, lead to sales: