Marketing Automation

One piece of the marketing puzzle.

Automate Your Marketing to Scale Your Business

You’ve more than likely heard about marketing automation, but how many people know what it really is and what it can do for your business? Hubspot, has one of our favorite definitions:

“At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon — that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers.” – Hubspot

Marketing automation enables marketers to target specific audiences at specific stages of the buying cycle, in specific channels and perform actions that target those segments and buying stages automatically.

We know, that’s more than a mouthful. Simply put, it means people make buying decisions as individuals. What works for one customer, in one media channel, (Facebook for example), may not work in another. Chasing everything would be impossible. That’s where marketing automation software can help.

What Does Our Marketing Automation Practice Look Like?

Automated Marketing

The reality is there is no-one-size-fits-all-approach to marketing automation. That’s why we practice inbound marketing automation to design content around user experience. We use all the information we know about your prospects, their wants, needs and desires and give them the information they need to make a purchase decision. Marketing automation software like Hubspot for example, helps us combine everything we do into a single platform with unified reporting.

For example, data and insight from an email campaign sent to a prospective customer is tied directly to that customer’s behavior on your website from a single dashboard.

Turn On a Lead Generation Engine

When clients first come to us, many have been using different vendors and software for different tasks.

For example, a company might use one vendor for email marketing software and another vendor for analytics. Unfortunately, these separate systems do not talk to one another, and thus, valuable insights are locked in various silos. The result is
a poor user experience that can actually push customers away from your business instead of attracting them.

Our approach is different.

We use inbound marketing automation to set up programs to both increase lead quality and lead volume: the core of ROI-centric marketing.

“Think of marketing automation software as a combination of email marketing, analytics, SEO, website hosting, file hosting, campaign management, and reporting, all in one. It also serves as a contact database for your leads, prospects, and customers, and most marketing automation software will sync with CRM systems like Salesforce for a comprehensive database of the entire sales funnel”
– Chuck Jones, Inbound Marketing Director at Camp Media Arts

With marketing automation, marketers can do:

  • Drip and nurture campaigns based on certain triggers/behaviors
  • Lead scoring
  • Automatically update a lead’s status and push marketing qualified leads into a CRM system
    and much more

GOALS, KPIs & RESEARCH: We agree on business goals, timelines and key performance indicators. We use research and conduct workshops that define customer personas to establish audiences and lifecycle stages. We also include an audit of existing sales and marketing processes – it’s all a part of our broader strategy methodology.

TECHNICAL SET-UP: The technical setup involves deploying software, installing javascript trackers, configuring email, DNS, website forms, CRM synchronization and other critical workflows. Next we will set-up lead scoring to analyze and audit past sales and reverse engineer a lead scoring system.

INBOUND MARKETING: Generating inbound leads and converting customers are the core activities. We create content and deploy offers/landing pages, setup drip and nurture workflows, email triggers, and conduct ongoing analysis of results/analytics to optimize campaigns. We’ll also run a training workshop to give you a foundational understanding of how everything works.