Web Application Development

The Infrastructure of your business online.

How to decode the code?

If you are like most marketers, your understanding of website technology is sometimes a head scratcher. Just when we think we understand the basics of website coding, something new comes along that changes the game. Decoding the code and translating it into a high performing website is where we can help.

Simplicity trumps complexity

Before we write one line of code, we strive to understand and identify the right tools for your unique business requirements. Nothing could be more critical before proceeding into the development stage.

We have our favorite frameworks, libraries, languages and standardized processes. However, we constantly adapt our strengths to the technologies that fit the needs of your project. That means we build custom solutions not packaged products. We architect your web app to minimize complexity to make things work in ways that delight your users. It’s also why you’ll find our user experience, (UX) designers working alongside our developers to build and design interfaces that simply make sense.

You Should Control Your Content

One of the common questions clients ask is, “how can we update our content?” Static websites are a thing of the past and so should the days of requiring a developer to update a line of text. We not only build publishing functionality, we encourage it. Creating fresh, relevant and meaningful content is the way to attract prospects, capture them as leads and win new customers. We build Content Management Systems (CMS) customized to your business requirements and make it flexible so updates can be made by anyone on your team. It is your content, now you can control it with ease.

The World Is Mobile. What’s Next?

The mobile vs. desktop debate is well past its tipping point. More than ever, most people rely on smartphones when they search for products and services. This trend will only continue to grow. The use of multiple devices across multiple screens is also on the rise, making the path to purchase more of a maze than a straight line. We build mobile first to support whatever comes next. And every marketing website and custom application we build works across multiple devices. From 4K ultra wide screen monitors, to the next generation wearable on your wrist, your web app should simply work across all channels. Responsive and adaptive web design is the key to addressing multi-device compatibility. It’s the first thing we consider before the development process even begins. You want your web app to work. We want it to last.

How We Do It

Web Application Development Process