Web Design

The first impression of your business is website design.

UX/UI, aesthetics and technology work together in concert

Modern website design is a fascinating blend of art, digital technology and user experience. Keeping the pace with digital technology alone makes responsive website design – design that changes the layout of a page depending on the screen resolution – a critical business decision.

Truth: Many elegant looking websites hide the flaws of a broken user experience

You’ve probably been on a website that looked great, but was hard to navigate, find what you need, was too slow, or was simply confusing. Like walking into a poorly designed home, a website with a poor layout and clunky features creates a poor user experience. That’s why we invest in UX and SEO research and build wireframes of customer journey flows – all before we design the visuals of a single page.

We take a mobile first, design approach

Many companies are aware of the importance of responsive design, that is designing content that looks good on any device. For us and our clients, mobile design is an imperative. Mobile users simply love their smartphones. In fact, research shows mobile phones are strongly associated with feeling of expressions of happiness and productivity. That’s why we always recommend taking a mobile first approach to any website project.

With over 60% of user traffic coming from mobile traffic, now is the time to revisit your mobile strategy.

How we do it

Web Design Process

Remember, your website is a living breathing marketing tool, that needs constant care and feeding. Make sure you’ve set aside budget for updates, improvements and changes in search algorithms. It’s the norm to expect to overhaul your website every 3 to 5 years.