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Forget Big Data, Get Smart Data – Market Research for Real Insight

Futurist John Naisbitt once said,

“We are drowning in information
but starved for knowledge.” 

In today’s world of big data, this is especially true. As marketers, we are often overwhelmed with data but lack real, actionable insight. How can one cut through the noise of information overload and get to the real, actionable insights that matter? And once you have that insight, how do you effectively communicate it to your audience?

We’ve teamed up with market research experts The Connell Group on a webinar to answer these questions. In this webinar, we’ll address:

  • How to extract actionable insights from your market research or data sets
  • How to convert those insights into compelling content
  • Criteria for how to communicate your insight to your audience, whether its through data visualization, websites, social media, video or some other medium

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