Don’t Sell Your Story, Tell It. Discover the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and Your Brand

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Saavy technology marketers know that creating great content is the key to generating leads. With technology marketing, crafting meaningful and useful content poses a constant challenge. How then can you make your brand, product, and marketing collateral more compelling? Take a page from Hollywood’s playbook and leverage the ‘Hero’s Journey.’

TheJoseph Campbell Star Wars Hero’s Journey is a narrative framework first posed by academic Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero With 1000 Faces. George Lucas claims that if he hadn’t read this book, he would “still be writing Star Wars today.” Thousands of Hollywood movies utilize this framework to pack movie theaters across the globe, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Matrix, and Finding Nemo. But its more than just a way to write blockbuster screenplays!

Join us on Tuesday, December 9th at 11:00 am for this webinar where our creative director Brian Leonard will teach you what the Hero’s Journey is, and how you can use it to punch up your marketing to craft great content.

Webinar: Don’t Sell Your Story, Tell It. Discover “The Hero’s Journey” and Your Brand.
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