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Top Content Marketing Trends For 2018

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Top Content Marketing Trends For 2018 By Camp Creative - December 21, 2017

The content marketing landscape shifts dramatically from one year to the next. Trends that seemed promising just a few months ago have since been abandoned, making way for new developments. All signs point to even bigger changes in 2018, with the end of net neutrality and the much-promised adoption of artificial intelligence and the Internet […]

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Attention: Bend Venture Conference Early Stage Finalists By Mike Hatfield - October 18, 2017

We are thrilled to be attending the Bend Venture Conference (BVC) hosted by our neighbors at EDCO this week here in Oregon. After all, it is a quick float down the river from our new Central Oregon headquarters!  Yes, we just snuck that hot press release in here as well!  Check the view from those cliffs […]

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How Iteration Inspires Intuition For Innovation By Camp Creative - September 25, 2017

Guest blog post by Ron Sparks Some days all my work is iterating. I’m not crafting something new in one attempt. I’m Tweaking. Testing. Exploring. I’m Grasping for what works. Often, after pushing ideas to find some new edge, I end up where I started. My best idea is my first idea. My first idea […]

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The 5 SEO Best Practices That Matter Most By Jackie Richmond, SEO Strategist - July 19, 2017

SEO, search engine optimization, is a phrase that a lot of people tend to throw around while being unsure what it means. But what does optimizing pages for search engines actually entail so that your web page will be among the first results from a Google search? There are intricate SEO strategies that rely on […]

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How to Collaborate with Your Creative Agency to Make Great Work By Jordan Camp, Creative Director - May 4, 2017

Engaging a creative agency? These best practices will help you get the most out of your collaboration. No matter the industry, we all want to do great work — smart, inspiring and impactful work that makes a difference. When it comes to selling your latest software security solution, or leadership training program, a collaborative client-agency […]

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How to Speak Directly to New Markets Without Damaging Your Brand By Dan Ogawa, Sr. Producer - February 28, 2017

YouTube recently asked Camp Creative to help them encourage more people in the Middle East and North Africa to become YouTube creators. Working with YouTube, we chose to record their messages locally, edit them here in San Francisco where their key marketing people were based, then distribute them internationally. The messages were recorded in Arabic […]

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How To Interview Anyone About Anything By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - November 9, 2016

Over the years my creative team and I have conducted hundreds of interviews for marketing films and videos. Not one of us had any kind of formal training in journalism; but, in the time-honored tradition of fake it ‘til you make it, we learned on the job, becoming better storytellers with each interview. My first […]

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UX Design: Humanizing The Digital Experience By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - August 1, 2016

UX DESIGN GUIDES WEBSITE VISITORS Bay Alarm is a leading provider of security systems for residential homes and businesses in California. Family owned since 1946, Bay Alarm is known for high-quality service and support. In an industry with a high employee turnover rate, Bay Alarm prides themselves in retaining highly trained employees that stay with […]

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History of SEO Part 3: Google Mobile Updates and Beyond By Jackie Richmond, SEO Strategist - June 30, 2016

If the last 20 years of SEO history have made anything clear, it’s that things are constantly evolving and changing. What works to get a website ranked today won’t necessarily work tomorrow, and can even backfire as we saw in response to Google’s Penguin and Panda updates (if you missed Part 2 of our SEO history […]

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History of SEO Part 1: SEO Strategy By Jackie Richmond, SEO Strategist - April 30, 2016

Search engines have changed the way we all search for, find, and make use of information on any topic. As the explosion of the internet gave way to the original search engines, the complementary field of search engine optimization or SEO was born. SEO today is a complicated beast, but this wasn’t always the case. […]

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History of SEO Part 2: From Black Hat to Penguin By Jackie Richmond, SEO Strategist - March 14, 2016

Since its debut in 1997, Google has changed the entire SEO landscape. Part 2 of our History of SEO series considers how the art of SEO has been impacted by Google. Read the History of SEO Part 1 here. Google Acknowledges Links as a Ranking Factor Google was the first search engine to treat links as […]

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Tips for Crafting a First-Rate LinkedIn Company Page By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - August 21, 2015

Your LinkedIn company page is a unique space on the web: both prospective customers and employees are likely to visit. As a sales channel and recruiting channel, its an online touch point you can’t ignore! That’s why we’ve put together a Visual Guide to Crafting the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page. In this guide you’ll find pro tips and best practices […]

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SEO Tips and SEO Mistakes to Avoid in a Website Relaunch By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - July 29, 2015

Relaunching a website is a fun and exciting process. Whether part of an overall brand refresh, or simply updating an outdated relic, a website relaunch offers a great opportunity to give your brand a more appealing digital presence and boost your lead generation efforts. A very common mistake organizations make during a website relaunch initiative […]

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A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Specs By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - May 22, 2015

When done right, running paid search campaigns on Facebook can yield great results, whether you’re looking to increase leads, boost page likes, or some other type of conversion. However, one of the ongoing challenges is keeping track of all the current ad specifications and rules you must follow to run a campaign. Fortunately we’ve found 2 resources to […]

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19 Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Marketing Optimization By Richard Camp, President / Creative Director - April 28, 2015

Spring is in full swing, and with it the whole idea of spring cleaning is top of mind. We’ve been talking around the Camp Creative lunch table about the bestselling book, “The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up” from Marie Kondo. Her promise of “…living a clutter-free life forever more” is pretty appealing so some […]

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