The ZOE Report Hangout On Air

Rachel Zoe is one of fashion’s most influential voices. Her show on Bravo, line of fashion on QVC, best selling books and her daily newsletter give her a big platform. The ZOE Report recently broadcast live from New York Fashion Week in a Google+ Hangout On Air where Team ZOE explored all of the latest trends and news from the front lines of fashion. Camp Creative captured the best moments from the HOA and, within hours edited and posted a 2-minute highlights reel to ZOE Report’s YouTube Channel to keep the conversation going.


Community Partnership Program

Making the World a Better Place

Google has no problem attracting smart, talented people to work for them. However, they wanted to reach out to young college grads who fall outside of their normal recruitment pool for their Community Partnerships Program (CPP). Camp Creative produced CCP’s brand identity, a microsite, original photography and an awesome video featuring a young scientist who wants to attract more women to the sciences, a musician who helps artists find an audience and a community activist who is passionate about giving a voice to the marginalized are the three people featured in this short mini-documentary. Watch the video here.

Cisco Mobile Collaboration Management Service

Finding compromise in the hyper-partisan world we live in is increasingly difficult. Except, that is for BYOD workplaces. Cisco MCMS, a cloud-based mobility service gives employees more choice and IT professionals the security they demand. This is a complicated issue, told simply in this motion infographics piece.

Cisco Mobile Collaboration Management Service from Camp Creative on Vimeo.

Crowdfunding a New Crowdfunding Platform

Camp Creative recently produced a launch video for the newly minted crowdfunding platform Wall and Main. The company is using a unique set of travel rewards to crowdfund themselves. Founding Champions are rewarded with up to 1 Million UnitedPlus frequent flyer miles an other travel benefits when they back Wall and Main.

“The Founding Champion packages are must-buy for any savvy traveler, ” said Randy Petersen, founder of FlyerTalk and InsideFlyer. “If travelers use the miles wisely, the packages could easily be worth two to three times the face value.”

Expertise in direct response script writing and production was a deciding factor in selecting Camp Creative to produce Wall and Main’s Founding Champion’s travel offer. More about Wall and Main here:

When Daddy Comes Home

This story will warm your heart. Camp Creative deployed director Adam Planas and producer Molly McEvoy to Oahu to capture the #USO and #Google+ connecting loved ones using a #Google+ Video call.

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