Yara – The Courage To Be – Women in Agronomy

Client: Yara International Project: Portraits of female agronomists.

Camp Creative was approached by Yara International, in Oslo, Norway, to produce a coffee table book to highlight women’s careers in the field of agronomy. Creative director/photographer, Richard L. Camp, split the photography assignment with Melody Sky in Europe and Ehrin Macksey in SE Asia. Thirty seven stories, featuring amazing women were masterfully portrayed with stunning imagery. The assigment included locations in over twenty countries. Coordinating logistics of three photographers with travel, COVID restrictions, and the work schedules of the fourty three women we photographed was a massive undertaking. Our years of experience working in foriegn locations across multiple time-zones made it a lot easier for everyone involved. The project was produced and delivered on a tight three month turn-around.

Each portrait sitting included short video interviews and additional footage. Camp Creative edited a video package for social media to promote the book and build awareness for the agronomy opportunities at Yara.

We were proud to be a part of a book that will inspire and empower women to enter the field of agronomy.