X2nSat Website + UX Design

Client: X2nSat Project: Website Redesign

Simplifying a Complex Technology Story

X2nSat is a B2B provider of satellite communication services to multiple industries. Overdue for a refresh, the website needed a better UX, an updatable CMS, and clarity of message that shared the company’s highly technical engineering story.


  • The existing site did not have easy access to the industries they served
  • Existing messaging was very technical and did not speak to buyer personas
  • The existing CMS was built in Drupal and required a developer to update


Partnering with the X2nSat, Camp Creative:

  • Conducted persona and UX workshops to understand the motivations and objectives of buyers
  • Mapped buyer journeys to align content with awareness and decision stages
  • Humanized the UX with updated industry imagery
  • Organized content by industry and solution to allow visitors quick access to relevant content
  • Integrated Act On forms and lead tracking


  • Since Launch – Organic search traffic is up 50%
  • Bounce rate is down 14%
  • Pages per session are up 18%
  • Average pages per session up 71%
  • Lead forms generated 2 new lead consultations in first week