Tetherow Lodges SEO

Client: Tetherow Project: Tetherow Lodges SEO

Increasing Profits Through SEO

Tetherow Lodges, a newly launched boutique hotel in Bend Oregon, opened to rave reviews in June 2014. After the initial excitement waned, the hotel needed to improve hotel bookings and decrease their vacancy rate. Camp Creative worked with Tetherow to increase hotel profitability through improved visibility in search.


  • Tetherow was managing their digital marketing in-house with limited time and experience in optimizing for search.
  • Search visibility is dominated by big established hospitality and travel players such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Kayak.
  • Local competitors had been in the market longer and had developed more domain authority.
  • A Google search for “hotels bend Oregon” found Tetherow on page 4 of search results.
  • A Google maps search for “Tetherow” found the golf maintenance shop as the top result.

How We Helped

Working closely with the marketing manager at Tetherow, Camp Creative:

  • Optimized Tetherow Google listings with the appropriate phone numbers, business categories, descriptions for optimal visibility in search results.
  • Optimized the lodging related pages of the website by adding keyword rich meta throughout. Fixed broken internal and external links.
  • Created keyword rich blog posts for distribution on social media.
  • Added publisher markup to allow for Knowledge Graph results for “Tetherow” searches.


  • Dramatic improvement in hotel bookings and decreased vacancy rates.
  • Improved organic search position for most competitive search term “bend oregon hotels” from position 45 to position 19, a 58% gain, in 4 months.
  • 22% improvement in overall keyword rankings (from 174 keyword to 214 keywords) in 5 months.
  • Achieved a steady, ongoing increase in visibility in Google Maps.
  • 23% increase in search traffic, year over year.