Client: Art.com Project: SwitchArt

Introducing a Clever Product

Art.com is all about giving customers art they’ll love at affordable prices. Camp Media Arts was asked to create a video introducing SwitchArt – a clever product that uses frames and magnetic prints to give art lovers the ability to change which prints they have on display quickly and easily.


  • The client had limited use of video on their site
  • The product, although easy to use, was hard to understand
  • With a launch date less than a month away, concepts, production and delivery was on a tight deadline

How We Helped

  • We submitted three creative concepts that captured the spirit of the product
  • Art.com chose a straightforward treatment that featured a mainstay in any living room – the family mantel.
  • From concept to publication on their website was 3 weeks.
  • Final video was localized for European markets


  • Client quote: “Prior to putting the video on our website, only 37% of customers surveyed understood what the product was about. After publication, that number stands at 94%. The video has already been a big success!”
  • There are over 373,500 views on YouTube.