Mojave Networks

Client: Mojave Networks Project: Mojave Networks Explainer Video



There’s nothing funny about protecting your company’s networks, apps and devices. But Mojave was up for telling their story in a lively, witty manner. Our job was to find a unique way to describe the serious issues of blocking threats, reducing IT complexity and minimizing data loss for BYOD devices.


Mojave Networks has a hot product. Since employees are now using their personal mobile devices for work, company data is at risk. And Mojave’s products are designed specifically to protect company material. Camp Creative worked closely with the clients to focus the key messages to and then create a story that’s fun to watch. Since the subject is serious, and the message urgent, we strategized an approach to reach the target audience where they least expected it. In the funny bone.


The energetic and witty video helped draw attention to Mojave Network’s products. Animated videos with text call outs are easy to watch and also provide a way to deliver the message if the video is watched with the sound off. We all love entertainment and we all need information. This video has both.