IoTium Content Development

Client: IoTium Project: Foundational Marketing Materials

Smart Communications for Smart Automation Startup

IoTium, a Network-as-a-Service company that offers a simple solution for connecting legacy building systems and industrial machines to the cloud, lacked a cohesive messaging strategy for internal stakeholders as well as customer prospects. The company had a website and some collateral assets, but no “playbook” to define fundamentals such as value props, target personas, and market differentiation. The catch: it needed these materials for an internal kickoff event just three weeks away.


Camp Creative accelerated the creation of an internal messaging playbook, a sales playbook, a customer-facing sales deck, and three product brochures. We interviewed key company stakeholders for technical insight into IoTium’s offerings and process, and sales-team members about selling strategies. Given the extremely tight window, we kept the content and design production collaborative with the client throughout, responding on-the-spot to comments and changes while keeping key personnel in the loop to ensure we were always on track and accurate.


Mission accomplished: Camp delivered all materials on time, receiving a “thumbs up” after a review of materials by company officers and high marks for the presentation. The deliverables align stakeholders on key messages and selling strategies and give the sales team the ammunition it needs to present IoTium’s unique offerings to its target customers. The materials will serve as a foundation for the company’s marketing initiatives going forward.