Innovationship Content Development

Client: Innovationship Project: Design Thinking E-Book

An Innovative Challenge

Innovationship is a consultancy that teaches corporations and teams how to be more innovative through the process of design thinking. Our clients, who helped develop design thinking at the global design firm IDEO, came to us with the challenge of consolidating the key messages of their existing collateral into one original, highly engaging piece of content. Design thinking is an entire methodology and mindset shift that teams learn through ongoing mentoring and practice. But the Camp team needed to “get it” quickly—and then decide how to bring the ideas to life in a new way—one that was not only fun and interesting but would inspire readers to take the next step. Where to begin?


Our writers and designers—in fact the entire Camp staff—dove in by taking an Innovationship workshop. For one afternoon, we literally became Innovationship’s client. It was a true hands-on experience that asked us to become innovators ourselves. The workshop was just the first step. Learning the process thoroughly required reading existing collateral, both on the Innovationship website as well as from the wealth of material online. By the time we began writing, we were almost as versed in design thinking as our clients, and could ask the questions needed to make sure we were hitting all the right notes.


The result was a twenty-page guide entitled The 3 Keys to Innovating Every Day: How to Build a Culture of Collaborative Creativity. The narrative and illustrations perfectly capture the fun, personable style of our clients, and end on a strong call to action that emphasizes Innovationship’s unique approach. The project was a rare opportunity to apply design thinking to our own creative process, resulting in a signature piece for the Innovationship website.