Client: Deloitte Project: Deloitte Cloud Mix



Deloitte is the world’s largest professional services network. They came to Camp Creative with a simple ask: introduce their new enterprise solution, CloudMix. A new product deserves a new design attitude. Deloitte was happy to play with their image as a traditional consultancy service. They liked our idea of a witty, lively approach.


CloudMix integrates disparate enterprise cloud apps like Salesforce and Netsuite and delivers them in a single consistent solution. Complicated stuff. But the range of enterprise demands that Cloudmix addresses is impressive. So we created a geometric, icon rich, infographics style video that vividly illustrates their new cloud stack.


Premiered at Dreamforce and then screened at SXSW, the video brought attention to Deloitte’s Emerging Technologies practice. By visualizing CloudMix in a friendly way, we dramatically increased awareness of Deloitte as a nimble company. Positive sentiment toward Deloitte increased on social media. And the video itself became an effective reminder that business and creativity are inseparable.