Client: BrightBox Project: BrightBox

Creating a B2B brand from scratch.

BrightBox Technologies develops automation software for the provisioning of HVAC systems in new and existing buildings. Camp Media Arts was asked to provide collateral, multiple derivative product logos, a pitch deck presentation for the CEO and channel partners, and a responsive website in under (6) weeks.

In our discovery meetings, we determined that telling the BrightBox story would require more than average looking stock images. Their customer personas were engineers, building managers and system installers not models wearing hard hats.

How We Helped

  • Working with the Brightbox marketing team we:
  • Redesigned their logo to brand derivative products
  • Designed a responsive website
  • Designed a presentation pitch deck for channel partners
  • Created case studies and additional launch collateral
  • Completed initial foundational SEO activities

How We Produced Original Photography
BrightBox Employees Working
We cast a combination of “real-people” talent and several Brightbox customers to:

  • Represent the breadth of Brightbox customer personas
  • Create working scenarios to capture the “mobile” aspect of VAV testing
  • Include composited software screen shots into a variety of devices that demonstrated the easy-to-read dashboard


  • Dozens of new customer leads
  • Increased channel partner sales
  • Version 2.0 of AutoCX software launches in Q1 of 2016

BrightBox Technologies was successfully acquired by NEXTracker in 2016.